Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Real

Good afternoon!  Happy First Day of Spring to you.  Let's jump right in for today's Five Minute Friday post.


I know these kids who are FOR REAL.  I mean really.  They have the neatest little personalities.

Take P for instance.  I've known her for a couple years, and she's is just a hoot. As a nine year old girl, she dresses like she just don't care, and I love it. Her fashion is as full of color as she is full of life. She is sweet and cute and funny.  I hope she never changes.

Then there's this other kid.  He is stubborn to the bone.  If he don't want to, he don't. He stands his ground. I love it. I hope he never backs down and always takes a stand for what he believes.

These kids are our future. We should let them be real, be the unique individuals that God created them to be, not the mini me's or do overs that we want them to be.  So many times, the children become little fakes.  We teach them commercialism. We teach them immorality. We teach them to be something they're not. We don't let them be real. We don't let them be themselves.

Thank you for stopping by on this first day of Spring. Don't forget to head over to to read some other thoughts on the word REAL.

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  1. Hi, Natasha! I'm your "neighbor" at FMF this week. Enjoyed this post! I like how you celebrate the differences in your kiddos and how you see the good in that. I have no doubt that God smiles on that!


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