Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Plan

Five Minute Friday....what a great way to end a full work week!  Now is the chance for writers to set a timer for five minutes and write about the given prompt. No editing, no overthinking, just writing what comes to mind.  Are you ready to get started?  Me too.  Let's go!

* * *

Married. Three Kids. Two boys and a girl. Become a teacher, wife, and mama.  That was my plan.  I never thought much further than that.

God worked things out a bit differently.

Married. Three kids.  Three amazing boys.  And then......One miscarriage, a baby I will never know this side of heaven. Teacher. Mama. Army wife. Chaplain/Pastor wife.

And yet, still wanting to change my plans a bit.

Not that there isn't anything wrong.  Not at all. I love my life. It is, after all, A LIFE WORTH LIVING.  Sometimes, though, I feel like I am supposed to be doing something more, something a bit different.  I never planned to be an army wife, the wife of a chaplain.  I never planned to be a Sunday school teacher or Bible study leader.  I never planned on starting this blog or doing anything with it.  But the older you get, or I get, plans seem to change.

I would love to be a writer. Yes, I know I already am to some extent, but still, a real live writer who has an audience that is touched by words from God.  Sharing stories and life and Christ with others through the written word on a bigger scale.  I know that's what I would do.  But is it God's plan?  Is that what He wants me to do?

*  *  *  *

Thank you for joining me on this Five Minute Friday.  I hope you will plan on joining me again next week. Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Ahhhh, what's His plan? THAT is what is always hard to figure out, isn't it? You just have to follow Him where He takes you because it's often not where we ever expected, yet the blessings are abundant. Hopefully it'll involve some writing for YOU!

    Tammy ~@~


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