Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 43 - Hot and Cold

We are mere humans.

We have a human mentality.

Our understanding can not hold the power of God's Word to the fullest.

Right now, Carson has a lot of questions about Jesus.  He is actually interested in learning His story.  A long time ago, Colin created a scene of 3 crosses on his closet door.  The crosses are created of masking tape and the scene consists of a large cross in the center and two smaller crosses on both sides.  Carson will say, "Mama, tell me about this." So I tell him the story in a way that his little 4 year old mind will hopefully understand:  Jesus is God's Son.  He was born and lived on earth so he could teach us about God and heaven.  Well, there were some people that didn't like what Jesus was teaching. They called him a liar, but Jesus never lied. He never did anything bad.  Well, these people that didn't like Jesus nailed him to this cross.  On the other two crosses were these guys that did bad things.  One of the men talked mean to Jesus and made fun of him.  The other guy told him to stop because he believed in Jesus. So Jesus told the bad guy who was being nice to him that he loved him and would see him in heaven.  The guy that was being mean to Jesus didn't get to go to heaven. He had to go to hell because he didn't believe in Jesus. If we believe in Jesus, we will go to heaven too.

Carson may not fully grasp the story for a while, but he is trying.  I remember that Colin has always been on fire or Jesus.  At two years old, he would sit in the front pew and listen intently at sermons.  Carson on the otherhand is just getting to where he wants to know more.  I asked Jeffrey Sunday how much he thinks Carson actually "hears" in church. 

I want my children to understand as much as their little minds can.  We all need to know that Jesus HAD to do what He did.  If he hadn't, we would not have been made whole through him. 

I had never really thought that Peter was "acting as Satan."  I always took it as he didn't fully understand the will of God.

But it is a story, a lesson to be learned for us.

Because we simply cannot fully understand the will of God, we will stumble.  Satan does this and can turn our inability to understand into disbelief.  We must beware and spend time in God's presence so that we can be in His will and ask Him for wisdom.

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