Friday, June 03, 2011

Some catching up

I know we have some catching up to do.

Yesterday was our last day of school (doing the happy dance). It was also preschool graduation (wiping away tears). I will have pics to post. Right now though I am sitting in a differentiation meeting. Can you tell I am TOTALLY not into it? My official last day is Tuesday.

The boys are with their daddy today. I think they are going to the Patton Museum at Fort Knox. Should be a great day for them.

Although summer is starting, we will still be busy for a couple of weeks. Both big boys are still playing baseball. Carson has two more games. Colin has at least 2 -depends on how the tournament goes. Tonight is Relay for Life, not sure if we will go. Jeff has drill this weekend plus his cousin is graduating. VBS will be in a couple of weeks and soccer sign ups are starting. Life as we know it continues!

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  1. Too bad summer break isn't really a break anymore, huh? It goes by way too fast, that's for sure.

    And thanks so much for commenting on my blog! My husband and I are meeting with a chaplain and his wife next week. I did let my husband know about your offer though.


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