Monday, June 20, 2011

he was after me

I absolutely love VBS. Today at Calvary we started our Big Apple Adventure.

My day didn't start out as a great adventure though.

As I was finishing up getting the boys ready, hurrying to get out the door, Colin's friend that was going with us called to make sure I knew I was supposed to pick him up. If you aren't sure which friend, click here. So then on our way to get our friend, Colin lied to me about his Poptart, yes, his Poptart. When we got to church, I had found that some things in my room had been messed with. I spent a couple of hours Friday getting that room ready, so having things out of place added to my frustration. Then Hilarie comes in and said "they," whoever that was, moved furniture out of her room so she needed the cushions I was using from the couch she wasn't planning to use. Several little people found their way to my room and started getting wild so I had to kick them out.

Finally, I began to take deep breaths before I lost my temper. Yes, in church, on the first day of VBS.

I started feeling better until my 5 year old decided to suffer from ODD. For those of you non teachers, that means oppositional defiant disorder. Usually it is diagnosed by a doctor, but I have had lots of experience with it, so I know it when I see it. Said child was miraculously cured when I threatened a spanking, yes, a spanking in church.

Whew! Breathing deeply again.

Morning Bible study goes well. My 11 kiddies are well behaved and much smarter than me! So after rotation of extra classes we head back for closing Bible study.

There are youth in my room setting up a ping pong table! Yes, a ping pong table, in my room, at church, on the first day of VBS. I informed said youth we were having Bible study. Their response, "Oh."



All in all it was a great day. I stayed as calm as possible and didn't let things discourage me to the point of forgetting the POINT of the day. I know Satan was after me. He knows my weakness and knew it was a prime time to attack me. But God is stronger. He kept me calm. He allowed me to keep my mind on teaching my 3rd and 4th graders today.

I love VBS. Not only do I get to teach children about Jesus, but He reaches my heart too and draws me closer. I am thankful he stood by me this morning so I would be my best for my kids.

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