Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review: Adventures and Misadventures of Big Bottom Church

I have just finished reading the book Adventures and Misadventures of Big Bottom Church

I purchased my own personal copy from the author, Bill Patterson, when he came to our church for a one day revival and witnessing seminar.  He has visited our church on other occasions as well. 

When I saw the title of the book, I was hooked.  I wondered what to expect out of a church with the name Big Bottom.  The thing I learned from the book was you never know what to expect out of Big Bottom.

Just as the title hints at humor, there were many humorous parts of the book.  For instance, the pastor of Big Bottom went to visit the home of a church member he thought had passed away.  When she open the door, he said, "I thought you had died."  At the cemetary right before the graveside services of the lady's sister, Ms. Wingfield and her other sister fell back in their chairs, legs dangling in the air!

Pastor Paulson and his wife began their ministry at Big Bottom church after moving from a life they loved in Kentucky.  Immediately, there was drama to welcome them and they began to wonder if they had made a mistake. The antics of some youth gossiping in the men's room, the impropriety of a staff member, Wanda W. Washburn and her snide remarks, and the self proclaimed Council of Elders all cause strife with the new pastor.  Most of the people in the new church welcome and love him, with growth in the church occurring.  Pastor Paulson develops a deep friendship with Ms. Wingfield who becomes a prayer warrier for him and the church. 

Although I enjoyed the storyline of the book, I there were also some real life applications involved.  The self proclaimed Council of Elders were the deacons who wanted,  and had up until this point, to run the church.  Patterson wrote that the "deacons should be involved in ministries to people, not in running the church." That is a statement in which I agree.  One of the characters even reminded the men they were to be servants, not masters.  One major them of the book, at least for me anyway, was the power of prayer and study of the Word. These are the key to an intimate relationship with God.

I highly recommend this book.  If you ever wondered if your church was the only church where crazy things happen, Big Bottom assures you it isn't! 

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