Friday, August 07, 2015

Five Minute Friday Free Write: TELL

Here it is. I can't believe I am here at the Five Minute Friday Retreat.  Tonight we are having time to Free Write.  We are contributing one word prompts and and getting ready to write for five minutes flat.

Let's do this!!

"Tell me a story, Grandma."

I hope to hear those words one day.  To be surrounded by grandchildren who want to hear my story.

But what will I tell them?

I hope to tell them of a life worth living.  One that was lived to the fullest. One that, well, at the end of it, has NO REGRETS.

I hope to tell them that although life wasn't always easy, I made the best of every situation.  During my struggles, I leaned on God for support, comfort, and guidance.

I hope to tell them how God took a broken woman and used her for His Will.  That I was obedient despite the devil placing fear inside of me.  That each time, I overcame and was victorious because of Christ.

I hope to tell them how I loved my family so much that we laughed together, cried together, played together, and prayed together.

I hope to tell them that although I didn't always agree with the choices their parents made, I still loved them and they never doubted that love.

I hope to tell them that they are my prized possessions, precious gifts from God.

I hope to tell them that they, too have a story to tell. A life to live.  I hope to tell them to seek God, serve Him.  Obey Him. Then one day, when their grandchildren say, "Tell me a story," they will have a story to tell of a life worth living as well.

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