Saturday, August 29, 2015


While at the Five Minute Friday Retreat, I had been chatting with my soul sisters, and then I taken some time to sit by myself to absorb the conversations and interactions of our group.  Martha said to me, "Don't you know you are supposed to talk at these types of things?"  

And yes, I totally agreed with her, but I'm a people watcher. I'm a listener.  

And in that moment, that's what I was doing. I guess you can say that's how I notice things.  

For me,  taking a step back, observing my surroundings, the goings on, the interactions of others, those things help me when it comes to writing.  I think a lot of my writing is about relationships, whether with my coworkers, family, friends, or God.  Observing relationships is one of the best ways to write about them.

I'd love to write down what I notice as soon as it happens. That's ideal.  But these little guys get my pens and papers and take off with them.  So, the next best thing is quick pics with my cell phone.

My kids laugh at me, but I don't care.

"Mama, why are you taking a picture of that?" they ask.

"I might need it, so I want to remember it."

"That's funny!"

So, I click away on scripture, things I underline in books I'm reading, insects, scenery, and unsuspecting loved ones.  I try to capture that moment.

Because I want to remember.

I want to study that picture for what the naked eye can't see....for what the heart can.

I have to admit, when I started reading this chapter (Notice) from On Being a Writer, well, it was a little depressing.  I remember those moments when my own little guys did the sweetest, cutest things....

"Mama, I need my dip dip (chapstick)"

"I'm going to be a pilot when I grow up. Jesus talked to a pilot before he died."

"Can I eat some of those straight line things (pretzels)?"

"My name is Cheeseburger."

"Hey, Pooper (Cooper), let's play."

Yes, those sweet baby boy voices, the inability to pronounce certain sounds, the hugs out of nowhere, the one millionth "I love you, mama," of the day. I was starting to miss those.  And it's strange.....some of them go away and you don't even notice until one day, your memory is jogged and you yearn for what once was.

We do need to take time to notice, whether we are writers or not.  For one day, our little baby boys will be growing into men. If we aren't paying attention. We will miss it.

My goal is to be more intentional in noticing, giving my undivided attention to conversations and interactions.  I want to bask in the moment.  I know when I do, when I am intentional about what I notice, I'll be able to share words that will bring encouragement, laughter, and hope.

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