Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 48 - We Tried, But We Couldn't

As a sports mom, I have been around enough kids to know when their hearts just weren't in the game.  Sometimes the only reason why the kids are on a team is because their parents want them to be.  The kids couldn't care less. They have no interest in the sport and would "rather be fishing."   If the kids don't want to be there and have no interest, it doesn't matter what the coaches do, the kids are not going to perform.

Well, how does this relate to today's study?

Well, I just think that if our hearts aren't in to what God is leading us to, then we won't perform.

The disciples had been given the power and authority, but where they relying on God for the power or themselves? 

I simply don't know.

All I can do is look at myself.  If I haven't opened my heart to Him, laid it all out on the line for Him, and taken an honest look at my motives, then I am not going to perform for my Lord.  However, if I am in His will, if I admit that I am weak (nothing without him), and my strength comes from Him, then He is able to do mighty things through me.

Does He need me to do those things?

No, but He does need me to be open, honest, and willing. 

For me, I think I am taking this thought away from the today's scripture:

If I humble myself and put myself in His will, then God can use me for great things.  However, if I depend on myself and try to pull from my own strength, then I can do nothing.

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