Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 27 - Even God was Amazed

Children are so cool.  I learn so much from them.

Children have such faith in their parents.  They depend on us for their every need.  I think of the faith that Carter has in us.  He is learning to walk and he just seems to know that we will catch him when he loses his balance.  Sometimes when he is sitting in the floor and I'm near, he will start leaning back with the faith that I will catch him.

Colin has such a tender heart, a love for people.  As you know, he is playing Upward basketball.  I love watching him play and interact with the other kids.  Not only does he encourage his own teammates, he high fives the kids on the other team when they do a good job. Today a little boy on the other team hurt his finger. I could tell he wanted to cry.  Colin told him, "Its OK. You are still playing a good game."

I'm amazed by my children, at their faith and love!

Shouldn't I then live my life so that God can be amazed by my faith and love?

I look at this centurion. He was a man of authority.  However, he seemed to be loved and respected because he had love and respect for men.  He was also aware of how unworthy he was to be in the presence of Jesus.  He knew that God was the ultimate authority figure. What a lesson to learn! 

Jesus was amazed at the centurion's faith. The man knew that Jesus could heal if he wanted to, with just a word.  Are we of so little faith sometimes, that God is disappointed in us?  Do we expect pomp and circumstance for the proof that He can perform a miracle?  Or do we just take Him at His word?

Lord, I thank you for the story of the centurion.  May I never forget, Father, that you are the ultimate authority.  May I always humble myself, ridding myself of pride, when I stand before you with a request.  I pray that my faith will continue to grow strong. Lord, thank you for your Word and for the promises you keep. Amen.

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