Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 47 - Out of MY Element

Back in high school, I had a friend that had been a good friend to me since 1st grade.  During our sophomore year, I found out through a mutual friend that Amy had asked her Sunday School class to pray for me.

I was furious.  I thought that I didn't need anyone one to pray for me, that I was fine the way I was. There was nothing wrong with me.

Fast forward several years.

I met with the preacher of Calvary Baptist Church about the baby dedication.  He asked me if I had opened my heart to Jesus.  Here I was confronted with the prior issue: was I really fine the way I was?  No.  God had placed me in a situation where I was uncomfortable and I learned quickly that I was wrong. I needed Him.

Since surrendering my life to him, He has placed me in situations where I have been out of my element LOTS of times. 

I love to teach....


I could be a complete goof myself in front of them. 

Imagine how I felt when I was asked to substitute teach for our Sunday school class...Parents. Adults. People like me.  I knew very little of the Bible, only enough to know a few of the most popular verses.  Oh, teaching adults is SO out of my element.  My neck gets all red and blotchy.  I get scattered brained (more than normal). I ramble.  I'm extra critical of myself.

Guess what I have volunteered to do the next two Sundays.....

Teach my Sunday school class.

Why would I torture myself?

It isn't torture.  I learn so much.  Sometimes we are content to sit and soak while others are teaching. But when I have to teach, I really dig into the scripture and allow God to talk to me.  I research.  I look for cool ways to present the scripture and what I want my class to learn and come away with.  I treat them like my kids at school.

Being in groups is also out of my element. I'm more of a 1 on 1 person.  I don't like to have lots of attention or have to call attention to myself.  I was so nervous at my first Bible study.  I was surrounded by these women that I felt were so above me. They were, in my opinion, strong Christian women. I was a new Christian. Yet, through this experience, I learned so much about me, them, Him.  I made friendships, gained confidence, and became closer to God.  Since, I have led a Bible study in my home, organized ladies outings for church (haven't done that in a while, need to soon!), and started this study with a fine group of women.

There are countless other times I have obeyed God and left my comfort zone.

I am so thankful for those moments.

If we remain content with "just being," we miss so much.

However, if we allow Him to move us, guide us, walk with us, we can do so much.

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  1. That is awesome. It is so true that when we teach, we learn more. Teaching is a challenge to ourselves to really study and try to know it. I think you are brave and I admire that.


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