Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What I'm Learning

I am SO TOTALLY enjoying these 23 days I've spent with Jesus (and the girls).  Am I learning anything? 


I'm learning that I'm not the loser I thought I was.

No, seriously. 

I am learning I'm not alone.

Whew!  It feels so good to say that. Let me say it again....

I'm not alone.

Sometimes I feel like everyone is looking at me, waiting for me, searching for me, wanting me to do something.

wash dishes
fold towels
match socks
get laundry off the couch and in the closet
feed the cat
feed the dog
feed the kid, oh and the other two too
bathe the kids so they don't smell like goats (its a boy thing)
teach sunday school
plan children's activities
bake a casserole
fill out a survey on paper
fill out a survey online
do this paperwork
do lesson plans
teach this kid while you fill out more paperwork
go to a meeting
go to another meeting
pay daycare
pay the sitter
pay the bills
go to the store
get kids to choir
get myself to church
get to ball practice
get to ball game
find lost bill
call doctor's office
clean up mess you didn't see earlier

I am totally being silly with this list.  I am not complaining about the demands of my life, no matter how little or how small.  I love my life. After all, it is a life worth living. Remember? 

I love my family.
I love my job.
I love my church.
I love being involved.
I don't really love paying bills, but hey, we want electricity don't we?

I am blessed.  My problem is I must learn how to manage my blessings.  I've got the whole play with the kids and let the housework do itself thing down pat.  Anyone one who has been over when I'm not expecting company knows that (Vanessa, that is why I met you at the door the day you dropped off diapers). I'm also really good at forgetting to feed the dog and cat.  Wait we have pets??? What's that smell? Oh, yeah, the litter box!  Now, these kids of mine will never let me forget to feed them.  They have these automated sensors that go off the instant they think they might be hungry.  We could have a snack night and at 10PM they will wonder where supper is!  WHOA! I'm really starting to sound like the loser I thought I was.

I really am blessed. I do need to learn to manage my time.  That is a bit of an issue for me. That is why my teammate at school makes our schedule for crazy school days. I just have no concept of time. 

When my kids are playing and behaving, my motto is LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Cuddling in bed with a hubby and 3 kids on a lazy day....let's do it!

Hitting the donut shop (or ice cream barn, cupcake shop, or chuck e's) with a good friend and 5 kids...I'm there!

Making S'Mores with those I love....Yes!

I think part of my work with Him includes not only reaching others for Him, but also being the best me I can be.  I work with Him in everything I do, whether in my job as a teacher, wife, mom, or friend.  I try to use the gifts He has blessed me with to the best of my abilities.  When I can't do it, I turn it over to God and allow Him to get me through.

I am a woman who loves God.  I am aware that I may not always do my best for Him, and I can admit that.  I think that is a start to opening my heart for Him to continue to mold me into the woman HE has planned for me. 

I am so eager to continue this journey to become closer to my Jesus.


  1. Natasha, Thank you for being you! Thank you for sharing yourself so we can have this Bible Study. Thank you for all that you do at church. We are so blessed to have you and Jeff and your precious kids!

  2. Thank you. I too am learning so much and I appreciate so much that I too am NOT ALONE. I am so glad God impressed this on your heart and you shared with us.

  3. I am glad I am not the only one! There are days when I reflct and I think I was a bad teacher, a bad mom, a bad wife and I promise myself I will do better the next day. Some times it works, sometimes not! All I can do have been is praying about it. I have seen changes this week si I just have to keep praying! P.S. I don't see how you do it!


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