Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Incredibles

That's us.

Well, not in the picture exactly.

Afterall, I have 3 boys. 

And I'm not at all stretchy like ElastiGirl.

I doubt my husband could lift a car unless he really had to.

My kids don't have super powers unless you count the ability to survive with no sleep and the only consumption of any type of nutrition consists of milk, chicken nuggets, pizza, or grilled cheese. 

So, I guess we are not The Incredibles afterall.

The only thing incredible about us is the fact that Jesus is the center of our home.

We are not the perfect family.

Sometimes we "vegge out" on junk food.  Sometimes we lose our tempers. Sometimes we spend too much time on the computer or watching TV.

We laugh.
We cry.
We love.

We love each other.
We love our neighbors.
We love God.

We have no super powers, but we have FAITH. 

I've been reading some blogs of gals who have chosen a word for the year. A word to live by so to speak. 

I guess if I had to choose a word, my word would be


That word seems to jump out at me a lot lately.  Much of what I am learning from my 90 Days with Jesus goes back to having faith.

I've been asked the question, "How do you do it?"

Well, I'm not sure what "it" is, but I'm assuming "it" is "How do you get through life with all the demands of being a wife to a soldier, teacher of 77 students, mother to 3 boys, part time Sunday school teacher, and friend?"

I don't know HOW I do it, but I know I JUST DO IT. Sorry for sounding like a Nike commercial.  I am not ElastiGirl or Wonder Woman.  I am simply me. 

As for me, my strength comes for Him.  God carries me through.  He gives me wisdom. He gives me grace. He shows me mercy so many times.  I was a big stinkin' nobody that God loves very much.So much that I am a child of God.  Everything I am, everything I do, everything I trudge through, is because of and through Him.  Without God I am nothing.  With Him I am made glorious (David Crowder says so). 

I have the same gripes and moans as other moms.  I suffer through sleepless nights like the best of them.  I have headaches and back pains. I have lots of gray hair to go along with the daily stresses of life.  I lose my temper too much. I let a few choice words exit my mouth. I embarrass myself. I bring shame to my Father. My house is cluttered and needs to be cleaned. I let dishes stack up and run out of clean wash rags.  Despite my many flaws, my husband adores me.  My children love me (sometimes). I've got a church family I can always turn to. My my life is a life worth living.

I'm not Mrs. Incredible.

I'm simply me.

God is working on me. I need lots of toning and refining...physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

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