Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 31 - At Home in a Pharisee's House

Carson and I are such homebodies.  We like a good outing, but honestly, there is no place like home.

When it comes to gatherings, I'd much rather have them at my house.  We have the Griswold Grimes Family Christmas at our house. We celebrate Independence Day at our house.  Birthdays are especially a big deal.  And we don't do anything small.  We invite everybody and their grandma. 

At my house, I know my children are safe.  I know other children coming over will be safe.  We don't have any inappropriate or dangerous things.  Our neighborhood is safe so the kids can get out and play.  Sometimes it is just easier to do things at home.  After all, with 3 kids it is like preparing to go deep sea diving to go anywhere. 

I like to open up my home.  I want people to be comfortable and enjoy themselves. I want them to feel at home.

I don't want to become judgemental when it comes to whom I am with at a gathering. 

To answer Beth's question, I prefer not to spend my time with people who are negative, judgmental, and crude.  I don't enjoy the things they enjoy. I don't like their topic of conversation. I don't like to be in a negative enviroment.  I guess that is why I enjoy gatherings at my house.  I can pretty much control what goes on.  Sometimes those who don't have a heart for Jesus can stir things up, but that can happen anywhere.

Jesus, however, can take those situations and environments that make me uncomfortable and use them for good.  He can question and convict without being harsh.  Jesus is going to, not necessarily fit in everywhere, but make each place a better place because of his presence.

Whether we are having folks at our house or we are the invited guest, we should always be sure that others see Jesus in us.  We shouldn't get caught up in the celebratory atmosphere in such a way that we seem no different than those that don't know Jesus.

Just because we don't drink, party, cuss, and the like doesn't mean we are better than others, it just means we are different. Jesus is different.  If we are His, others should see him in us.


  1. I also like to have gathering at my home for the exact reasons you cite. I try not to judge others, and teach my children not to judge- but also teach them to be aware of difference behavior so they can make the right choices.

    Your blog is very upbeat and joyous. Mine is more about the everyday humor in raising three kids.threedogs/fish/frigs/hamster/turtle- and husband- in New England. If I didnt find it funny, I'd go 'round the bend!!

    I tried to follow you but the atom link did not work for me and I dont see any other place to click?

    be well.

  2. yeah, ^^^ that should say FROGS, not frigs... sorry! Sometimes I type too fast.

  3. Boy, this was a good one. So many things to think on. I love the things she brings out in this book. It's going to be one that I read more than once.


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