Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 32 - Talking to Ourselves

Back when Jeffrey and I were dating, he had this old Ford Bronco. I loved that thing. We had gone out riding around one day and drove out to the creek.  It was really muddy so Jeffrey decided to go muddin'.  For those of you that aren't as country as we are, that simply means you ride around in the mud for fun. And yes, it is fun. Well, I remember the bumpiness of the ride, and I was holding on tight! Jeffrey got tickled and started laughing.  He said that I said, "Maybe I should get out!"  I totally don't remember saying that, but I was thinking it.  It just so happened that I let my thoughts slip from my mouth.

Of course, that is a funny story that we still laugh about, but I do have to be honest.  There have been times I've been so thankful people haven't known my thoughts because they have been ugly or judgmental.  This study today, however, is a good reminder that although other people may not know our thoughts, God does. 


Beth asked the question, What does it mean to love God "with all your mind?" I may be totally off, but I think it means that we should dedicate our minds to Him.  How? By being careful what we read, watch, and listen to.  Those things can and will influence our thoughts.  If we spend time filling our minds with that which is unpure, our minds become unpure.  That leads to unpure actions and words.  However, if we fill our minds with things of love, compassion, encouragement, things of HIM, then our words and actions will then reflect that. 

Another point I get from today's study is to not be so judgemental.  I am no better than anyone else.  If I ever seem to come across that way, I'm sorry.  I am a different, new being because I am a child of God.  My life MUST reflect this.  I know there are times that I fail and bring shame to my Father, but hopefully for the most part, I bring him honor. 

I know there are things that I need help with, lots of help, areas of my life that are struggles for me.  We all have those.  Those areas don't need to be discussed or listed here, because God knows them. He knows the dirt from which I come. He knows my thoughts. He knows my prayers. He knows my heart.  He will continue working on me to make me the woman he has planned. 

Until I am a completed work, I must fix my thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable.  Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Philippians 4:8.



  1. What a brilliant allegory. God does know what we are thinking. Thanks for giving ME something to think about today.

  2. I think about the little chorus, "He's still working on me. To make me what I ought to be."

  3. I was talking to Jacob on the way to Bowling Green last night and he was telling me about this show he was watching. Needless to say, I didn't let him watch it, but I asked him what the show made him think about after he was done watching it. His answer was what I had expected. The thoughts he was having after watching the show were some of the ideas he had gotten from watching it. I tried to explain to him that God doesn't want us watching things that make us think about doing things that are not good. I want my kids to see that I am trying to please the Lord because I want them to learn by example.
    You are exactly right that the things we listen to, the things we watch, or the things we think can influence what others see in us. And if we are children of God, we should reflect that. I don't think that the people I talk to will take me seriously if I listen to Ozzy, watch explicit movies, and then quote the Bible!

  4. Today's study was so good. When they are good that usually means that I know that God is reminding me of things I need to work on in my life. I'm like you, Natasha, and there are some times that I would just croak if someone else could read my mind. But God does. Ouch!! I like how she points out the little tiny phrases in scriptures that are really telling us important things that are easy to miss like the Pharisee speaking "to himself" which shows us fhat God holds us just as responsible for the things we say to ourselves. And the other point that really got to me was her comments about the modern day Pharisee who's life is characterized more by what he or she does NOT do rather than the things he or she does....That is something I really struggle with. There are so many opportunities for God that I pass up because they are going to be too hard, too inconvenient or too uncomfortable for me. I have such a long way to go, but I praise God He still loves me and will help me keep going,


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