Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 36 - You and Whose Army?

I've always been quite amazed at the stories of demon possessed people in the Bible. We don't really get a real snapshot of what it was like for them.  Sometimes I picture scenes from horror movies.  But regardless of what the demons actually did to the possessed person, the fact of the matter was, Jesus was still victorious.

If we allow Him, He will be victorious over our personal demons. 

There is something that controls each of us.







Each can possess us. They can control us.  They can cause us to be puppets to their demands.  They can ruin our lives.

But there is HOPE. 


In each account of His casting out demons, He is VICTORIOUS.  The demons have no power over Him.

If we are being controlled by something other than Him, we need to acknowledge who Jesus is....He is the Son of the Most High. 

The demons recognized this.

Why is it difficult for us to sometimes do this?

What a joy it is to know that whatever it is I'm facing, whatever demon has me in chains, Jesus can take me and create in me a new being.  He will be VICTORIOUS. 

All to often we are filled with pride and won't allow Him the spot in our lives that He so deserves.  We want Him when it is convenient. We want His will when it doesn't interfere with ours.  That is when we become broken and defeated, possessed and controlled by evil.

If we humble ourselves and acknowledge Him, placing Him at the center of our lives, He will be victorious over that which we can not defeat alone.

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  1. The thing I love about those awful times in life when we are desperate for God because of our failings and temptations is that once you make it thourgh the issue that you are having there can be such a change in your life. It makes you stronger and more able to resist the temptation and even get you to the point where you won't ever go there again. You realize the strength we have in Jesus who comes to our rescue when we are at the lowest point. He takes us by the hand and pulls us up out of it if we rely on Him. And to think that He loves us anyway....even after all that we've done.


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