Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 40 - You Want Us to do What?

Everything God has done for me, everything He has given me was for one reason...He loves me. 

I don't deserve the gifts and blessings bestowed upon me.  I don't deserve His love, grace, and mercy.

He chose to give them to me anyway.


How often do we do anything freely? Cheerfully? Without seeking anything in return?

How often do we put our own comforts aside and put others and their needs first?

I am ashamed that this past week, I have not been a cheerful giver.  I volunteered to do something for someone I love, but then complained about how long it took, how much money it cost, and the effort I had to put into it.  Looking back, I'm ashamed of myself. 

Others have done this same thing for me. Hopefully cheerfully and freely.  Why didn't I do the same? 

I can make excuses about the business of homelife and the business of working 3 10-12 hour days. 

But I won't.

God could easily make excuses on why He shouldn't do something for me.

I'm lazy.
I'm selfish.
I gossiped.
I'm a glutton.
I put my sleep before Him.
I said a bad word.
I told a white lie.

But no.

He gives freely.

I thank Him for this look at myself, my behavior and attitude this week.  I pray that when He presents a task in which I can be a blessing to someone, that I would choose to do it freely and cheerfully.  I pray that I would be more open to what He calls me to do, to put my own fears and comforts to the side in order to serve Him and bring Him honor and glory.

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  1. Ditto all of the above. That was a great post, Natasha.


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