Friday, June 01, 2012

One Thousand Gifts

For Mother's Day, the boys gave me Ann Voskamp's book One Thousand Gifts
I have to say it is perhaps one of the best books I've read. 

Thought Provoking.

Self Reflecting.




This book has challenged me to be thankful, to look for the gifts in the ordinary.  Sure it is easy to pick out gifts on the mountaintop, but what about gifts in the valley? Gifts in the mundane? Gifts in the chaos? Gifts in the piles of laundry, messes that don't stay cleaned up, screaming, fighting kids?

Yes, it is possible to find those gifts.

A long time ago, we had Colin start a Thankful Book.  Each night we would write down something we were thankful for.  In our own way, we were finding the gifts of God in our lives. For a small child, the gifts were very concrete: my stuffed animal, my tv, my bike.  But the older we get, the gifts become "deeper:" the quietness of a blackout, the warmth of towels fresh out of the dryer, the lone cardinal perched overhead.

Since beginning the book, I have also begun my list of one thousand gifts. 

 Life isn't easy; God never said it would be.  He did promise he would always be here with us.  So each day, each sacred moment, I will try my best to remember....

I will rejoice and give thanks for the gifts My Father has given me. 


  1. Your writings are always so inspiring...this book review/reflection connected me to a recent project/book that isn't new to anyone but a good way to become totally aware of your relationship with your spouse and God. I recently rewatched Fireproof and decided to take the Love Dare challenge. If you haven't tried it I strongly encourage it! Unimaginable, Godly things will begin to happen! I'm just sayin'...but then the wonderfully rounded person you are, I am betting you have already done this! Miss you too!

  2. Oh, and you can get it as an app for your phone for only $1.99!

  3. Kerry, the Love Dare is an amazing journey. I have done it and have even thought about redoing it with a friend of mine that has had some struggles. It is a great reminder that life is NOT about us, but about God instead. I love you and miss you!


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