Monday, June 18, 2012

The little things I have LIVED for this week

So, the week before last was kind of a yucky week. I was just a grouch, not much fun to be with.  I found myself fussing, complaining, yelling. I really didn't like myself.

The problem?


Plain and simple, we have too much stuff.

It trickles from room to room.  It overtakes the bar in the kitchen and the dining room table.  I trip over it. I wash it, fold it, and put it up. It finds its way back out.  The kids don't like cleaning it up. 

I am blessed that we have the means to have stuff, but sometimes it just stresses me out.  Now that baseball and VBS are out of the way, maybe I will have time to organize and get rid of a lot of this stuff. The chore charts will be put to great use this week too! 

In the meantime, here are a few gifts from the past week....

~ wide open spaces for kids to run ~

~ dirt and small creatures to keep kids busy ~

~ When Carter "sings" Until the Whole World Hears ~

~ Riding in cars (a van) with boys (eating ice cream )~
 ~ VBS: children, volunteers, and souls saved ! ~
~ lunch with a friend and lots of kids ~

 ~ Colin's Sportsmanship Award ~

~ Singing Deck the Halls in the car in June ~

~ the Creation Museum ~

~ two exhausted  6 year olds discussing what they learned and saw at the Creation Museum ~

~ Wonderful Fathers ~

What gifts have God blessed you with this week?

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