Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Did you know

Across the street from your church there is a lost mother.

She is spiritually lost.

She has been beaten.

She has been addicted.

She has been raped.

She has been left for dead by those she trusted.

She has never known another life.

Pregnant at seventeen.

High school drop out.

No job.

No car.

She sits at home everyday and takes whatever is dished out by her family and "friends."

She needs love.

She needs acceptance.

She needs hope.

She needs Jesus Christ.

Who will show her?

Who will teach her?

Who will let her know that there is hope, and that hope is found in Jesus Christ?

Did you know that there is a man across the street from your church?

He is a product of his environment.

His dad beat his mom. So he beat his wife.

He works to pay the necessary bills and have a little food for his kids. 

His friends are bad influences.  He's pretty much a follower.

He came to church once. 

He didn't feel welcome so he never came back.

He is lost.  Spiritually lost.

His wife, his children...they need a man of God leading them.

Who will lead him?

Will you wave at him and smile at him when you drive your nice car into the church parking lot as he is working on his broken down junker?

Will you walk over there in your Khakis and button down shirt and talk with a greasy, dirty young man in ripped clothes?

Will you invite him to come to church?

If he shows, will you greet him?

Will you introduce him to your friends?

Will you make a point to find him after the service and invite him back?

When you arrive at church each week, will you look for him in his yard or will you look away?

Did you know there are little children across the street from your church?

They are precious.

They have little to nothing.

They watch your kids get out of your nice car wearing their Sunday best. They look at their dirty, illfitting hand me downs.

They watch you and your husband holding hands across the parking lot.

They probably never saw their parents hold hands.

They wonder what goes on behind that door, in that building.

They ask their parents to go.

Parents say no.  Those people are hypocrites.

They watch each week. They ask each week.

Finally, they are allowed to go to your church.

Without their parents.

They see love. They hear love. They get love.

They ask their parents to go.

They say no.

The children continue to go.  They love this place called church.

Their hungry little bellies are fed.

Their hungry little souls are fed.

No doubt they are different than most of the children their, but they are just as loved.

These children come every Sunday morning, every Sunday night, and every Wednesday night.

Without their parents.

Did you know there is a family across the street from your church?

They are lost.

They are dying.

They need Jesus.

Will you introduce them to Him?

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  1. WOW! very powerful post. The other day my daughter had the little neighbor girl over. She is a year older than my girl. They were looking at the children's bookshelf and came across a bible. She opened it up and was reading some of it to my girl (who is only 6 & not quite old enough to read her own bible). The little girl said, "These are great stories, my mom threw away all our Bibles". I was not sure what to say. My daughter grabbed her children's bible and they were reading that together.


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