Friday, June 22, 2012

They Need Us

If you haven't noticed, I've been experiencing some really strong emotions about Christians and lost souls.

You see, last week, I got to spend some time with a lost mother.  She loves her 3 little girls so much, wants only the best for them.  They do live across the street from our church. Two of her girls go to school with two of my boys.  Now they are in the same classes at church.  I love her girls so much. Now, I have come to love this mom as well.

She is so scared.  She admitted it. 

Her life is in a spot she never wanted.  She doesn't know any other way. 

She wants better. She wants hope. She wants Jesus.

She's just scared.

Scared of what He might make of her.

Scared of how her husband might react.

Just scared.

It was so difficult for her to admit front of me, my husband, an elderly couple, and a widow from our the parking lot after Father's Day service. 

But when she did admit it, her whole demeanor changed.  You could see and feel the power when she cried, "Y'all, I'm just so scared!" 

She was letting go.

She was accepting.

She was changing.

It was a big step for her.

"Now take little steps," we encouraged her.

You see, she, like so many others, believe that when you do decide to let go and let God, that everything will

It doesn't.

Little steps.

Baby steps.

They need us.

They need us to let them now that this walk we are on, this journey, it is daily, it is difficult, it is not one we do along.

They need us to love them, to hold them, to pray from them.

They need us to admit our faults, proving that just because we are called Christians, we are not perfect. We are the hypocrits that fill the pews. That is why we are there.  I shared with her how I struggle with my temper and being in control.  Mr. Will shared his struggle with losing his home (which was hit by a tornado).  She saw it in us.  She struggles, like me, being the mom she wants to be.  She, like Mr. Will, lost her home too.

She told me and Hilarie, "You girls got you a project now."  She wants us to lead her, to guide, her, to show her Jesus.  She told us she doesn't have anybody like us in her life. 

She needs us.

We don't see her as a project.

We see her as we are....a sister...a mother....a friend....a woman who wants to be have people she can really and truly trust and depend on.

She needs us. 

She told us that she felt stuck.  Stuck in this trailer park.

Jeff told her, "If you weren't in this trailer park, you wouldn't be here right now.  Your girls wouldn't have this." 

She knew he was right.

Our lives don't always turn out the way we plan.  We make decisions; they lead us places.  God is the master planner. He takes what we've done to ourselves and offers us a way out.

I guess the point of all of this....

Jesus died for us.  ALL OF US. Not just the rich, the fancy clothes wearing, Cadillac driving, mansion living people.  He died for ALL OF US. The rich, the poor, those with no cars, those in trailers.  EVERY ONE OF US.

We can't keep Him to ourselves.  We have to share Him. They need us to.

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