Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Book Review: Mondays with My Old Pastor

"Sometimes, all we need is a reminder from someone who has walked before us."

That is what is written on the cover of the book Mondays with My Old Pastor by Jose Luis Navajo.  It also describes the book to a tee. 

This book is about a pastor who experiences burnout.  He has made is agenda book more important than his Bible, and he is ready to give up, believing that God never really called him on this journey. 

After a dream and encouragement from his wife, the pastor visits with his old pastor. During deep discussions, the younger pastor is encouraged to continue the race God has called him too.  Each Monday, the old pastor tells stories and gives advice to his colleague, many times telling him what he needed to hear due to things he was experiencing at that time.  The bond between the two men grows; the younger pastor learns so much, even about the health issues faced by his pastor.

This is a touching true story. I was moved, encouraged, and challenged when I read this book.  For those wanting to fully serve, it is a must read.

I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for the purpose of an honest review.

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