Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3 - Social Media

This blog is about as social as I get with technology (except for email and texting). 

I once had a FaceBook account. I used it while my husband was away at CH-BOLC (Chaplain School).  I was able to keep up with what was going on and see pictures of him that were taken at his trainings.  After he graduated, I was able to keep up with some of the other Chaplain wives I met.

I went from signing up to having lots of "friends." Not sure where they all came from.  Many I didn't really know. Most were from my school district, but weren't really my friends.  I got friend requests from my students, which I don't do. I truly believe that is asking for trouble.  I don't have anything to hide, I just think that teachers have to be very careful these days. The best thing about FaceBook was staying in contact with my long lost friends Amy and Beth.  I love these girls so much.  However, after I deleted my account, I've lost touch with them.

Why did I delete my account?  That in itself is a long private story. In a nutshell, someone thought they knew all the details of a problem that arose and posted some pretty hateful comments about the character of Christian people.  I didn't want to hear it read it. It was bogus. It was cowardly. It was totally uncalled for.  So, I deleted my account. 

I didn't need it.  It had totally gotten away from what I wanted it to be.

I have never done Pintrest. I got on the website once and it was very overwhelming.  I might check it out again.  I've never done Twitter before either.

I guess one thing I really like about this blog is the ability to make it personal.  I can decorate it up by changing my background and header. I can change the pictures, add and delete stuff, change the font.  For a tech geek like me (I have a class blog, a class webpage, and a glogster account), it is fun. 

When I started blogging, I was (still am) totally in love with Angie Smith's blog.  If you haven't heard her story, oh you must.  I have also discovered Zulily, which Jenna metioned. I love it!  I have made several purchases from them and love the items I got.  Like I said, I'm a pretty big geek, so I check the news and weather alot on my cell phone and iPad.  I am such a geek, that I have "taught" blogging PD's to teachers and Glogster classes.  My trusty sidekick Lesley has given me a bit of job security by adding me on to her annual growth plan (to collaborate with me using technology)! 

I think for now I will stick with this blogging thing. It is kind of fun! 


  1. I am not very technilogical at all. What is glogster? Sounds intriguing.

  2. It is kind of like an online poster. I use it in the classroom. You can attach videos, pics, and links to it. I first used it when I taught my Best Christmas Pageant Ever Unit for a little Christmas fun. I then created one for my Myths, Fables, and Folktales unit. I had kids wanting to "redo" the activites we did in the winter at the end of May. If you visit my class blog you can find them.

  3. I love blogging for those reasons also. I have never had a FB account. It just seems like my sisters and friends talk about the petty, hurtful things that people spew forth on it.


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