Monday, June 25, 2012

Aware and acknowledgment

Through this gratitude journal, this dare of being aware and acknowledging God's precious mercies and grace each day, I have taken moments that could be gross or simply are ugly and make them beautiful because I have found Him in those moments.

This week, I am sharing a few simple gifts I have acknowledged through His love...

~ a surprise lunch date ~

~ rainbow pancakes that come with the question, "Are you sure these are safe to eat? ~

~ birds chirping before sunrise ~

~ worn out kids ~

~ having an ER nurse at church ~

~ a sleepless night to pray ~

~ the little old man who offered to buy the boys gum at the barber shop ~

~ how he doesn't want his big brother to go to camp ~

~ how chocolate donuts do the trick in Wal-Mart even though the big boys disapprove ~

~ "I'm sorry," from brother to brother ~

~ simple, soft pink sunset ~

~ stopping by at 10 PM to say good bye ~

~ a safe trip ~

~silly games played in a hotel room ~

~ sending my oldest to camp ~

~ the first good morning wake up call from camp ~

 What simple gifts have you acknowledged this week?

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  1. Love this and I love your blog design! Very cute. :) Hopping from A Holy Experience.


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