Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If you were to show up at my house

You might find crumbs on the floor and being trampled on by kids as their mama tries to sweep them up.

You might see a cat waiting patiently for the new bag of cat food to be opened.

You might smell Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla coffee. 

You might hear one of these statements....
Mama, that movie's not going to find itself!
I'm not playing with you anymore....unless you are playing that hockey game!
He said it would be just a minute, but I don't know how long one of his minutes are because they are usually pretty long.

You might see a big dog eating a coloring book.

You might hear a toddler screaming bloody murder after being scared by a cricket.

You might see me crying over the latest NCIS episode.

You might find me texting my dad while we were both watching NCIS to discuss the episode.

You might hear a mama repeatedly saying, "Stop that. Leave that alone." repeatedly. Did I already say that??

You might find me watching last week's episode of Nashville on On Demand for the third time because I still haven't seen the whole thing.

You might smell mac and cheese.

You might hear boys laughing.

You might see lower numbers on my scale.

You might hear, "Oh, poop" from Despicable Me.

You might see a toddler trying to stick a gummy vitamin up his nose. 

You might find us praying for a snow day.


  1. We have had lots of crickets at our house lately and I've heard several shrill screams when one is found!

    1. Oh, this was NOT fun. Colin and Carter had the door locked, and Carter was screaming like he was dying. Colin said he could not unlock the door. My mind was racing. What could be going on that he couldn't unlock the door. Carson decided to be helpful and tried using a puzzle piece to unlock the door. I had to remove him from the situation to unlock it myself. When I saw what was going on, I really wanted to kill that cricket. However, he was humanely released into the wild (out the back door).


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