Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Dive

Five Minute Friday

Do you have five minutes to spare? Join in with Lisa Jo and some other amazing women as they participate in Lisa Jo's 5 Minute Friday fun. You can visit her web page to find out all the rules, but basically set your timer for 5 minutes and write. Don't over think. Don't edit.  Just write.  Are you ready to DIVE into it?

Several years ago before we were married, my husband and I were on a trip to the beach with his family. We had gone deep sea fishing and had the opportunity (not real sure that is the best word) to swim with dolphins. Diving into that water was a mistake. We weren't thinking.We weren't wearing life jackets. We nearly drown.

Are you like me? Do you dive into things?  Do you really think about it beforehand?

Jumping into that water that day was a mistake, but there are other things I've dove into that haven't been.

I think of the things that have brought me closer to Christ.  Those things revolve around His Word.  Whether it has been joining a Bible study, leading a Bible study, or just simply reading His Word on my own, those are the moments that change my life. Those are the Words that mold me and shape me into the type of woman God has planned for me.

Diving into His Word isn't easy. Sometimes it is intimidating.  But it is worth it.  It is always fresh. It is always meaningful.  It is always life saving.  I have committed to reading His Word this year along with my friends at Wives of Faith.  His Words are the life jacket we need.


  1. I love your post! Yes, I have more times that I care to admit dove into something without really thinking through. I would like to say that I am getting better, but it's debatable!

  2. Diving into Christ is ALWAYS a good idea <3


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