Sunday, February 26, 2012

Three Hearts: Video Review

My family and I have just watched the movie Three Hearts presented by Samaritan's Purse.  Our hearts have definitely been touched!

Cissie Lynch, the granddaughter of Billy Graham, has just begun an internship with the Children's Heart Project.  This organization brings children from other countries to America for life saving heart surgeries they would never receive in their homelands. Cissie has helped convince a doctor in San Antonio to take a third patient instead of the two he has already agreed to.

That is when the story really begins.  We meet Otga, Uugna, and Toggie, three Mongolian children with life threatening heart defects.  Cissie's schedule conflicts with her husband's so she makes the decision not to go meet the children in Mongolia.  In her place however, 10 year old Garrett Ferguson and his family go.  Garrett has an amazing story that got him involved in the Children's Heart Project. 

The movie follows the three children and their mothers as they leave Mongolia for San Antonio. Viewers are allowed a peek into their surgeries and share in the emotional journey with the family and host families. We are able to witness the life changing power of Jesus.

This is an amazing, touching video. If you have not heard of Samaritan's Purse or what projects they are involved in, I highly recommend you check them out.

I am thankful to have received this video from Book Sneeze for the purpose of an honest review. 

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