Saturday, February 11, 2012


Thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations.  We are so very excited about Jeff's move into the Chaplaincy.  It has definitely been a long time coming.

Here's what I know (understand) so far.

He is at drill this weekend with his unit in Nashville.  Jeff was told this would be his last drill with that unit. He is not to report until he receives orders to go to his new unit (since he is in the reserves, we stay put as a family). We are hoping it is just across town from his current unit.  That's what was previously "in the works."

Jeff must retake his oath of office.  This will be done once he receives his orders. We won't have a big fancy ceremony like the first time. 

He is now deployable.  If his new unit gets deployed, know! We won't go there until we have to!

Jeff has already completed Chaplain School so we don't have to go through all that again.   He will continue his AT (annual training) and all those other meetings/conferences/trainings he must go to.  Our fingers are crossed for Orlando this summer!

So basically, we just wait to see where the Army places him. We wait to see where God leads. We wait to serve. 

I am very proud of my husband. He is not the same man I married.  God called his name and he answered. 

Thank you for your prayers and support these past 3-4 years.


  1. Ah, I see. Staying put will be super nice!! My hubby just did a Chaplain thing in Orlando. It was lots of fun!! Deployments are not fun, but a growing experience. May God bless his ministry and may he be bold in proclaiming Christ.


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