Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Frazzled Female Week 5: I Missed It!

No, that wasn't actually the title for the week.  I actually missed our group!  Is that even legal for the leader??? 

Carson, bless his heart, is sick.  So yesterday about 10am, I called to make an appointment to see his pediatrician.  When the lady answered the phone, I totally quit listening. All that I could think was, "That's strange. They never answer. It is always automated."  I told her, "I need to make an appointment for this afternoon for my son."

All was quiet. Then I heard, "Your sooonnn?"

"Yeeesss," I replied, wondering why she was stretching out her words.


Then it hit me. "Oh, I have called the wrong doctor, haven't I?"

With laughter, "Yes, ma'am you have!"

Oh, girl, you didn't! Oh, girl, I did! I called my OB/GYN to make an appointment for my 5 year old son!  Yes, I did!

After the laughter died down, I finally got Carson an appointment to see his doctor at 4:30 yesterday.  We actually got in at 5:30. Finally got home at 7:00.  What a long afternoon. 

Thankfully, Hilarie and Edie took charge of bible study.  Thank you, my BFF and my big sister I never had! I can't wait to hear how it went.

Back to week 5....It was actually titled I'm Frazzled

Yes. I am. Are you?

The Defrazzler for the week was to make time to do something for yourself.  Oh, that was so hard for me.  I have this obsession with feeling guilty when I think of myself.  However, I decided since it was strict instructions, I could do it. 

I decided to take a LONG, HOT BATH BY CANDLELIGHT. Oh, I immediately thought of how relaxing that would be.  I was so excited, and a little guilt stricken, to tell Jeff what I HAD to do.




Not that he didn't try to help me. Jeff even asked me if he could run the water for me.  But it wasn't a good time.  The kids were still hog wild and I knew I couldn't relax with "MAMA!" coming from the otherside of the door.  So, it never happened. 

I actually tried getting in a little needed physical activity.  I got 5 whole minutes on the treadmill.  Carter threw a fit.  Wanted on there with me.  So, I got off. Guess it was bad timing.

I know I need ME TIME. It is just so hard to find it.

The rest of the week's lesson focused on me (or you if you are doing the study) as an individual. 

In 1 Corinthians 6:19, we are reminded that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. 

Stop and think about that.



Are you getting enough sleep?  Eating and drinking well? Are you getting your daily exercise?  Are you stressed due to your schedule or unconfessed sin or burdens you refuse to let go of? 

So many things affect our relationship with Christ.  All of those things I just asked can affect your closeness to him.  Now I'm not the healthiest person in the world, but I know when I neglect my body, I am not connecting with God like I am supposed to. 

One thing that we need to be aware of as well is our unconfessed sin.  God will not bless us if we don't confess our sins to him. We can't grow spiritually without doing that. 

The last thing that really struck me was the last lesson: MY IDENTITY.  We had to think about who we are.  Here is how people know/recognize me:

Colin, Carson, and Carter's mom.  Do you know how many times I have heard, "Mom, that is (fill in the name of one of my kids) mama.

Jeff's wife


Barb and Jerry's daughter

Doug's sister
No one has ever said, "Yes, I know you. You are a child of God."  In reality, that should be the first thing people say when they hear our name. That should be what defines us. Not our careers, our hobbies, or our families. 

Each of us was knit together in our mother's womb. Each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Each of us, if we have surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ, are a part of the family of God.  That alone is what should stand out about us.

As Christians, we must hold our heads a little higher, but not so high as to look down on others. As Christians, we must speak a little softer, encouraging others and leading them to Christ.  As Christians, we must remember how we got here, not by our works, but through the blood of Jesus on the cross.  As Christians, we must remember who we are.... We are sons and daughters of The Father, brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ. 

That is our identity.

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