Saturday, February 04, 2012

It has been Monday all day long

But wait!  Isn't it Saturday????

We had a 9 am basketball game in Portland this morning. Evidently playing yo-yo is more important because that's what the basketball players were doing instead of hustling to get ready. 

Right before we walked out the door....drip drip....rain was dripping in our bedroom.  Nice, real nice! 

So, then I get a text from Colin's coach at 8:57 wondering if he is coming.  We walked in at 8:58.  Did I mention we had a 9:00 game?

When we finally get home to get ready for Carson's game and get Colin ready for his DAR/JAC reception what do we find???? The living room ceiling leaked as well and Colin's shelf in his closet fell. 

So that was the noise that scared me to death last night!

For now, we are praying the rain is over. The insurance company set us up with a guy from Bowling Green and he will be here Monday.  I've cleaned almost everything out of Colin's closet, and we need a new shelf.

Oh, no. I just heard a crash!

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