Friday, March 09, 2012


Today, that is what I am, overcome with emotion.

God is amazing. He answers prayers and is just so awesome.

This morning, I walked into a full Sunday school class.  It was so great to have the table full. Much to my surprise, there was a new couple.  When I saw her long, dark hair, I immediately knew who it was. 

Let me back up..

For some time now, we have had a handful of precious children coming to our church.  Either their parents would drop them off at the door, we would meet them in the parking lot, or someone from our church would go get them.  The children would come, but the parents never would.  We always invited them and welcomed them to stay.  Their reply was always the same, "We may come one day." 

Well, they came.

To make a long story short (because I don't know the whole story), they are joining our church through baptism. They had accepted Jesus as their Savior, and their souls were saved, their lives changed forever.


Now that this is Friday (yes, it has taken me this long to finish this post), I am excited to say that Joseph and Ashley have been two both evening services we've had this week.  I got to chat with Ashley briefly Wednesday. I am so excited to see them grow in the Lord!

So many of us who have prayed for this family can say attest to the fact that God answers prayers. Sometimes He uses our children to open our hearts to Him. 

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