Friday, March 09, 2012

Catching Up

What's been happening in these parts:

1. March arrived. We've had severe storms and will have 70 degree weather all next week.  We never had winter. Wonder if it will show up for spring break?

2. I am reviewing a book right now that is blowing me away. I am almost finished and can't wait to share.  Got two more on the way.  If you are blogger and love to read, I highly recommend you get involved in a book program. 

3. Got a new student recently. He is a hoot.

4. One of my students moved today. He is heading to Louisiana. I will miss him deeply. I drove by his empty house this afternoon and had to hold back tears. 

5. Basketball is over. Baseball is starting. Carson moved up to Pee Wee and is on the Cubs. Colin moved up to Minor League. He is on....I'm not sure yet.  Both boys have practiced. Should be an interesting season!

6. Got a virus on our laptop and my school computer. I think we were targeted. I hope not.  That would be so sad.

7.  Considering sending Colin to space camp.

8. Looking forward to getting our income tax return.  Hoping to redo our floors (goodbye carpet, hello hardwood). Should help with allergies. A new couch would be nice too. Ours is 13 years old and starting to show it!

9. Preparing for an Elmo party on Sunday with family and friends.  Can't believe Carter is turning 2! 

10. Bought a new pair of black dress pants for work. Size 12! First time in years!  So proud of me! 

11. All 3 boys got haircuts this afternoon. I need one too. It will have to wait. 

12. Jeff retook (is that a word) his oath Wednesday night. Not sure how long it will be until he is placed with another unit. Hopefully it will be nearby.  We may get to go to Orlando for CAST this year. That would be awesome!

13. Planning Carson's 6th birthday party (yes, six years old in a matter of weeks!).

14. Praying for a co-worker who doesn't know my Jesus.  I really want her to.  I know He can make a difference in her life.

15. Thankful it is Friday.

16. Did you know this is post #501? 

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  1. We have not yet done CAST, I hope you guys have a great time!!


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