Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Little Catching Up and A Much Needed Break (LIVING thankful)

I haven't mentioned my word for 2012 lately. So, I have to say, this Saturday afternoon, I am LIVING thankful.

I am so very thankful it is Spring Break.


We've finished up a crazy, busy week, plus probably the worst "teacher" day I've ever had. 

Last Sunday was the beginning of our revival.  What a blessing it was!  Steve and Becky Carver from One Way Ministries and their children led the music.  What a talented family they are!  Oh, and when Caris and Chloe sang heart melted!  It is always a treat to spend time with that family! 

The sermons from Bro. Billy were awesome as well.  Carson just couldn't understand why we had to go to church when it wasn't even Sunday or Wednesday.  When we were in the services though he actually enjoyed them.  He loved the end of Bro. Billy's sermon Wednesday night.  He used Hershey's chocolate bars as an anology of the "goodness" of heaven.  Basically, the mini bar was how good our earthly life is and the mega, jumbo bar was what heaven is going to be like.  I asked Carson what he learned. His reply, "That heaven is going to be good, just like chocolate!"

Hey, whatever works!

I also spent the week with my boys while their daddy was in LA on business.  It is always fun getting everyone up and ready for school. Did you get that sarcasm?  Thursday was rough.  I had gotten a text late Wednesday about a coworker who has a brain tumor. She was admitted to the hospital and would be having surgery. I was asked to lead prayer for her in my classroom before school. What an honor to do!  I made it there super early to get Carson on the bus (which he was NOT happy about). As we were getting out of the backpack. So I spent my planning period taking care of that little issue.  Luckily we live in such a small town it takes a matter of minutes to run home and get things and get back quickly.  I am thankful Jeff is home, well, back in town at least. Currently, he is at work.

As for my coworker, Tiffany, please be in prayer for her.  She has been having these odd symptons for a few months. A tumor was found just a week or so ago.  When she went back Wednesday for additional tests, they were able to see how big it was and the trouble it was actually causing, hence the need for emergency surgery.  She will be out the remainder of the school year.  I'm unsure if she will be having any chemo or radiation.  She and her fiance are supposed to be getting married at the end of the school year. I am thankful that her surgery went well.

As for my worst "teacher" day ever, I really can't comment on the details.  Let's just say I spent most of the day in tears or fighting tears due to some issues going on with one of my students. Sent up lots of prayers for this child. Feeling sick over my own helplessness in the situation. Angry at "the system."   At the end of the day, I was in shock over new revelations that came to light.  Found out late last night some other details that will hopefully help this child.  Just pray for him.  Although I can't discuss specifics, God knows the needs of this child.  I am thankful I work with people who genuinely care for children and will do what it takes to help them.

I have to say, that I am so thankful our pastor got us involved in the E100 Challenge.  Jeff says that I have cheated because I listened to some of the passages on CD while cleaning the kitchen.  I said it still counts. I still heard God speak.  I finished Day 92 today.  I am learning so much through this experience.  Many familiar verses have spoken to me in new light. 

I am thankful we have 30 days left of our school year!!!!


30 DAYS!

Happy Saturday and Go Cats and Cards!  Sorry, I can't pick sides! 

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