Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Me Monday

Another Not Me, Monday! If you like mine, head over to MckMama's page to read more. Just the chance to playoff all the crazy stuff that did or did not happen the past week.

While at Colin's baseball game recently, a 3 year old did not walk up to my dad and say, "Hi, Santa!" My dad did not proceed to ask him what he wanted to for Christmas. Later, the little boy did not ask "Santa" to blow bubbles with him!

This past week, we were not on a mission to find Carson a pair of shoes that had fire on them to make him run fast. We did not search all over Bowling Green for the perfect pair, finally finding them at Target. My children never have odd requests and would be happy in any pair of tennis shoes.

The other night as I was doing dishes, Colin did not walk into the kitchen and say, "Look at me, Mama." When I turned around, I did not see that he was wearing his old Chicago Cubs bib from 8 years ago that has been handed down to both of his brothers. My husband would never take a picture of our children doing something so silly either.

Before going out to eat for Sue's birthday, I did not give my kids Hershey bars and their choice of a Cherry Coke or Mountain Dew. I'd never let them spoil their dinner with such junk! I wonder why Carson was sprinting around the dinner table????

Sunday, Carson did not come to me complaining about his big brother. You see, my boys get along perfectly. When I asked Carson what he was covered in, he did not reply, "Donut." It seems that Colin did not decide to wipe the sticky donut glaze all over his little brother's back and arms instead of a napkin. I've taught my kids better than that.

I also have not begun dreaming about Colin's loose teeth again. I am totally not bothered by him not wanting to brush in fear of his loose teeth hurting or worse yet, falling out. I have not nicknamed one of the loose teeth "the Nanny McPhee tooth."

This recent conversation was not overheard from our neighbor's house when we arrived at home one evening:

Child: "Daddy, you need to come in the house."

Child's Daddy: "You need to go in the house and leave me alone."

Our neighbor's visitors would never talk to their children that way. We live in a completely normal neighborhood. With that being said, Sunday morning, I did not hear loud music coming from our neighbor's house. They live across the street and would never turn the music up loud enough for me to hear it in every room of my house.

Speaking of I stood at the kitchen sink, I did not see some random kid run toward my backyard. Later, I did not see him playing in our pine trees and then walk across the street to the loud neighbor's house. Ten minutes later, him, his cousin, and mom did not walk across my front yard less than 10 feet from our open windows. (Post about Boundaries to come soon) My neighbors are much more courteous than that.


  1. Haha! You gave your kids chocolate and Mountain Dew before dinner. We must be soul sisters! lol Now I don't feel so bad about bribing my 7-year old with chocolate.
    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my Not Me! Monday post. I have a blog carnival called "OH NO HE DIDN'T!" TUESDAY starting tomorrow. I'd love for you to join in on the fun if you're interested. Have a great day!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

    PS How are things in KY we moved from Meade Co. all the way to GA and we miss KY so much. :(

  2. I loved your not me entry! Tho, sorry about the inconsiderate neighbors. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment!
    God bless!


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