Saturday, October 15, 2016

Where I Stand

Tonight at dinner, I got a very interesting phone call.  The caller identified himself and asked if I remembered him. I did, and then he proceeded to tell me the purpose of his call.  This young man had called on behalf of a local political party encouraging me to vote in the upcoming election and to vote for that specific party's candidate.

I was very proud of this 15 year old for being an active and responsible citizen, for doing what he felt was right.

We had a nice chat.  Well, I asked him some questions concerning the major topics at hand, since he was trying to persuade me.  He was prepared for some of those questions, but others he wasn't.  However, I had to admire him for "campaigning."

Are you curious as to where I stand on the issues at hand?

First and foremost, I am a Christian.  Before I identify as a republican or democrat, I AM A CHRISTIAN.  My desire is to have political representation of Christian values.  Isn't that after all what this country was founded upon?  I want leaders who will defend Christians and not allow God's Word to be thrown to the wayside.  God's Word is very clear on morals, ethics, and sin. I also know what the Bible says about forgiveness and judgement.  So when I look at the sins of the politicians, I have to keep those things in mind. Both of our presidential candidates are sinners (we can't say one more than the other). A sinner is a sinner.

Next, I am a military spouse.  I have a husband who has been to war. I want to know with utmost certainty that whoever is in our highest political positions will support our service members at all times.  Our service members make up a very small percentage of our American population.  However, without them......well, I don't even want to think about it. Until you live this military life, you can't not fathom the uncertainties, the unseen scars.  I have to determine which candidate I trust with my husband's life.

As a mother and educator, I am concerned about the educational system in our country.  When parents can not help their first graders with their math homework, then there is a problem.  I understand the importance of a good, solid education.  However, when businessmen and politicians make education and testing a moneymaker, then the wellbeing of our children is taken out of the equation.

A friend of mine just became a grandmother again.  Her grandson was born at 28 weeks gestation.  He is growing and doing very well for a premature baby.  Do you want to tell me and his parents and grandparents that aborting him would have been ok at 28 weeks because he wasn't really a baby yet????? Really????

What is wrong with having secure borders?  What is wrong with requiring voters to be US citizens? What is wrong with requiring those who want to live in our country to go through the legal process of doing so?  America is an amazing country, however, I don't understand how it can continue to be when others who are here illegally are allowed to have the same rights as those who obey the laws. My feelings about this are not racist. Wanting people to follow the law is not racist.

These are my feelings on some of the major topics at hand in America today.  With that being stated, let me also say this....

I am offended.

I am offended by BOTH presidential candidates.

I am offended by many Americans.

I am offended each and every time I turn on the television.

I am offended when my radio strays off WayFM.

I am offended by those who fuss about the lady in the welfare office being rude.

I am offended when people think I am a hypocritical, judgmental bigot/racist based on my beliefs.

I answer to God.  I will have to answer to Him when I vote in November.  I will have to answer to Him for all I have said and done.

So here is where I stand....I stand with Jesus.  I trust Him to lead me and guide me when I fill out my ballot in November.

Instead of calling the candidates bigots, racists, and lunatics, why not pray for them?  Why not ask God to touch their hearts?  Why not ask God to convict them, to turn away from their sins and put HIM first instead of their own agendas?

If we want American great, we have to allow God to take over.  We have to have leaders who love the Lord and are lead by the Lord.

I beg you....PRAY.  PRAY for God's Will to be done in America.

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