Thursday, October 06, 2016

This Day

On this day 39 years ago, I was born.  I had been a dream for my parents for 9 months.  They wandered about me, imagined who I would be and what I would be like.  They may have been a little surprised that I was a girl.

But I was no surprise to God.

The Lord says in  Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you."

Yes, God knew all about me.  He formed each and every part of my being.  He knew my strengths and weaknesses before I cried my first cry.

As I celebrate the gift of another year, I pause and thank God for loving me, providing for me, and blessing me.  I look back and see how He has held my hand or carried me the last 39 years.

And as I am pushing 40, almost over the hill, or whatever else we want to call it as we get older,  I have nothing to fear.  I have nothing to dread.  No matter what God has in store for me, I know everything will work out to His plan.

God has proved himself faithful.  Not that He had to, but He proved himself to me through His Word and His creation.  In each of my struggles, I can see where His hand of provision was.  In each celebration, I can see where He provided for me.

As kids, we put a lot of thought into what gifts we wanted for our birthdays.  But now....

As an adult, I see gifts a little differently.  It isn't the store bought stuff I want.  God has blessed me and given me gifts each and every day. Although I will certainly treasure whatever gifts my children get for me, they are one of my greatest gifts.  My husband is an amazing gift.  God has provided me with other gifts as well.....a family, a job, a home, health, a talent, a wonderful church, salvation through His son Jesus Christ.

No matter where I am on this journey God has planned for me, I will know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

And today, I celebrate being 39 years old.  I celebrate another day being a Child of God.

If you are struggling with getting older, if you are struggling with who you are on this life journey, I pray that you will seek God's good and perfect will for your life.  Being His is the greatest gift of all.

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