Monday, January 26, 2015

You know you're a teacher when.....

You pray for snow days just as much as the students.

Finding a movie that matches Common Core Standards is a piece of cake when you come to work sick because it is more work to make sub plans.

A new stapler, pencil sharpener, or hole punch makes you giddy.

You cringe when you hear those words.....Common Core. It's almost like when the hyenas say, "Mufasa" on The Lion King.

Talking in your sleep consists of asking your husband if he turned in his lunch money.

You think Valentine's Day in an elementary school is cruel and unusual punishment.

One of your best friends is known as the Snow Fairy.

GoNoodle is your best friend on rainy days, cold days, and days you just need a little extra recess.

You see a cooler at Wal-Mart and immediately know how it can be used in the classroom to teach mythological terms.

Your last 3 Facebook posts were thanking coworkers for food.

You practically bathe in Germ X.

You get so excited listening to Barbed Wire and Roses on your old Pinmonkey CD because you can use it to teach figurative language.

You've actually asked your own children to be a a Voice Level 0 (more than once).

The best gift a student can give is a Starbucks card and school supplies.

You have NO FEAR  and are NEVER SURPRISED because you have seen and heard it all.. This fact causes you to have a Pinterest board called Teacher Fun.

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