Saturday, January 10, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Welcome

For the first time in forever, I'm having a little fun with Five Minute Friday (yes, I realize it is Saturday, but we don't judge around here).

Here we go!

If you are new around here, then "Welcome!" I'm glad to have you join my little space.  If you haven't been here in a while, then "Welcome Back!" I've missed this time to spend with you.

It is a new year....2015....I am welcoming the new year.  I have no idea what it will bring.  We are at a crossroads (the paths are in so many different directions).

New move from Reserves to Guard.

Jeff is filling in as pastor of our church.

The Active Duty board meets in February.

I have no eartly idea what this year hold for my family.

Only One knows. God knows.

I trust Him.

He knows the plans He has laid for my family.  We are to be obedient and welcome His plan.  Easier said than done sometimes, but we have to trust.  God is leading us to a door, not sure which one, but when we get there, He will welcome us with open arms.  I am truly excited and anxious, all rolled up in one.  So, this is a welcome challenge that lies before us.  We are sure to grow as we are obedient in serving God.

And the timer sounds and a child is ready for more sweet tea!

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