Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Worship Him Through Music

When asked if I am going to join the choir at church, my reply is always the same, "Um. No."  I'll then comment that I don't public....too loudly for anyone to hear.  Let's face it.  Singing, er good singing, is not a gift that God has given me.  Ask my kids.  I've heard this comment more than once: Mama, just stop.

But I do like to sing.

I'm not any good at it. Don't know the first thing about music.  I do remember something about the letters (notes) going up the lines and it spelled FACE (I think).  That's about as much as I know.

But I know that God doesn't care whether I'm any good or not.  I think he did care that time I became quite envious of Hilarie during church the first time I heard her singing right beside me in the pew.  Jealous in church. Yes, I think that is a sin.

But I am a lover of words, of words put to music.

There are so many times that a song just says IT, whatever IT may be.  It could be the love I have for my husband, my children, my Savior. It could express a feeling I have.

Last fall when I found out our baby had stopped growing, one of the first songs I heard after that news was Casting Crowns Praise You in This Storm.  I was definitely going through a storm, but yet, singing those words over and over again brought peace to my soul.  Other songs such as Strong Tower and Blessings brought me comfort during that difficult time.

And still, when I have moments of sadness, doubt, or fear, there is always a song for that.  When I my soul is overflowing with emotion, there is a song for that.

God doesn't care about my squeaky voice, that fact that I can't get on the right pitch or note, he cares about my heart.  When my heart is in the song, he knows. 

When you are at loss for words, find those words in a song and worship and praise God through that song. 

A song for you today....Special thanks to Adrienne at Laced By Grace for posting this one today.

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