Wednesday, February 18, 2015

An Inconvenience? I Think Not!

Snow Day #3
I haven’t left my house since church Sunday morning.  10 inches of snow later, I am resting in my house. Kids are playing and behaving(for the moment).  Just got the call: No school for the remainder of the week.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s Facebook posts of snow pics: sledding, snow angels, snow cream.  I’ve cringed at the photos of car wrecks and people driving on snow covered roads. Well, I assume the road is under there somewhere. 

People are frustrated because they can’t get out of the house.  The grocery stores are out of milk and bread.  Kids are going stir crazy.  Parents are constructing escape routes and finding hideouts. What an inconvenience 10 inches of snow in South Central Kentucky can be!

Just like anything else, we can choose to look at this situation in two ways: an inconvenience or a blessing.

We are a society of GO, GO, GO!  We race around chained to a schedule.  I know this better than anyone.  Last week, I barely spent any time with my family. There was homework, shopping, preparing for and attending a National Guard Conference, parent teacher conferences.  Something called my name every moment of everyday.

Now, here I sit, surrounded by books, remotes, a laptop, and coffee, wearing leggings and a long sleeve t-shirt, peeking out the window at a snow covered neighborhood.

It’s beautiful!

For me, it’s a blessing.

For one, I’ve been able to slow down.  Sleeping in. Taking naps. Playing Mario Baseball on the Wii.  Reading. Working on laundry. Cuddling.

My children have had so much fun in the snow.  Bundled up, they trudged from the back door to a snow-covered wonderland.  The air was filled with laughter as their daddy pulled their sleds behind the four-wheeler.  For three mornings now, their eyes widened in amazement of the pure whiteness that spread across our lawn. 

How can that be seen as an inconvenience? 

Sure it is cold. Sure it’s messy.  But what else would have allowed me to just stop and relax and laugh and make memories with my family.

Yes, I won’t be happy when we have to make up these days at the end of May, but my children will never forget the time they spent with their mama and daddy playing in the snow, cuddling on the couch, and just being together.


  1. I completely agree. This time is a blessing. It is making memories. I am enjoying the time with my family and time to get some much needed housework accomplished.

    1. I wish I were a little more motivated for the housework! I am washing towels so we can take a bath! Maybe tomorrow I will do a little more. By the way, I ordered a chronological Bible (sorry postal workers and delivery drivers). I am super excited about it. Jeff said we had one, but we can't find it.


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