Friday, February 20, 2015

Shh! Don't Tell the Kids

Walking through the grocery store, you spy your favorite treat.  Whether it is Entenmann's Chocolote Donuts, Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies, or Cherry RC, you wonder if it is worth the purchase.  After all, those little humans - your children - are sure to get the first and last bite (and all those in between).  But you take a chance.

You make the purchase and quickly put the groceries away when you get home.  You think you've done a great job of stashing away your guilty pleasure. You are sure Sherlock and Holmes couldn't even find it.

But those tiny detectives found it.  You don't know how, unless they have the keen sense of a wild animal, maybe like how a shark can sense a minuscule amount of blood in a sea of water. Whatever, they found it. Now it's all over.  You'll never get a bite!

Days later, you are cleaning up the kitchen and you notice an empty box on the counter. Before you toss it out, you feel a slight weight.....could it be?????? You dare to show any excitement at the possibility.....Yes!!!! Score!!!!! One more!!!!!

But Shhhhh!

Don't tell the kids.

There is no time to spare.

Quickly, quietly

you unwrap your treasure

and take that first bite.



But wait.

Were those tiny footsteps you heard??

Probably not. Spongebob is on.

Just to be safe though, you nonchalantly stare out the window, back turned to anyone who may enter the room, and secretly devour your treasure.

Shhh! Don't tell the kids!

You know I'm not the only one.  What is your favorite treat that you hide from your kids?  How does hiding work out for you?

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