Saturday, February 07, 2015

Five Minute Friday (On Saturday): Keep

I guess it is better late than never..... Time for a little Five Minute Friday.  You know, when you get to spend five minutes writing....Ahhhh. Love it.  Ready?  Keep reading :)

Here we go.


Its a word we use a lot.  Nowadays, there's a bunch of those Keep Calm..... quotes plastered everywhere. I admit, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them.  Keep Calm and Hug a Soldier. Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake. Keep Calm and Drink Coffee.  Keep Calm It's Almost Spring Break (for my fellow teachers). The list goes on.

Keep means to maintain, to continue.  And you know, I never really thought of the word as having a meaning, just a word that we use often.

But continue, maintain.

That's got something to it.

For me, I want to continue to grow in my faith, to maintain and build upon my relationship with Christ.  I want to continue to raise children who are obedient, trustworthy, kind, and compassionate.  I want to continue to offer my husband the support he deserves and needs from me.

I want to keep on trying to be the woman that God has created me to be.  That isn't always easy, you know.  But I am so very thankful that God keeps.  He keeps his promises to take care of me. Regardless of my mistakes, he maintains His faithfulness to me.


Thank you for joining me on this Saturday evening for Five Minute Friday.  If you would like to join in or read more, head on over to  She'd love to have you!

Happy Weekend, Friend!


  1. Natasha, I'm posting on Saturday night too!! =) We're not too late. Thank you for being a teacher. I'm not one, but I work in a middle school. Teachers work so hard sometimes without much reward. Thank you also for serving our country as a military family! I truly appreciate the sacrifice all of you make on behalf of the citizens of the USA!!

    I enjoyed your post. You have a great take on the word, "keep". I like this quote from your post,
    "But continue, maintain.
    That's got something to it."
    Indeed...our faith journey is about continuing, maintaining...persevering. So, carry and your dear family...chasing after Jesus...keeping on!
    Blessings of GREAT JOY on your journey!

  2. Keep is such a good word. I praise the Lord that because of His keeping, we are able to keep as well.


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