Thursday, March 07, 2013

Wife to Wife Wednesday: What was Your Wedding Like?

October 2, 1999.

I dreamed about my wedding day for so long.  I wanted it to be perfect, so I purchased the Everything Wedding Book and another wedding planning book.  I requested invitation catalogs from every company I could locate.  I searched out wedding dresses.  My husband and I attended premarital counseling classes with our pastor. Oh, I was so looking forward to that day!

I have to say my wedding day was perfect.

It was a beautiful fall day: not hot, not cold, just a little breezy, but that was ok.  There was not a cloud in the sky. I  can still fill the chill in the air as the wind blew my veil during outdoor pictures with my parents and bridesmaids.

The day started early at Jeffrey's Aunt Mary's house for breakfast for me and my bridesmaids. She gave me a rolling pin to use if her nephew ever got out of line.

We finally gathered at the church and began our hair and makeup, eating some McDonald's, and finally putting on our wedding attire.

Our photographer, Amy, captured some wonderful pictures. Some sweet. Some Fun. Each Memorable.

I remember standing outside the sanctuary listening to my friend Holly play the piano, anxiously waiting to see Jeffrey.

 Then my daddy walked me down the aisle and gave me away.

I've heard tales that my flower girl, who had her pacifier, was a little loud. I never heard her. I was focused on my groom, our wedding vows.

I was amazingly calm. Jeffrey too. We both agree that it was like we were the only ones there.

No one else existed.

As Bro. Buddy (Yes, we are southern baptist. We called our pastor by his first name) pronounced us man and wife, I got really nervous about kissing my husband. We had never talked about what kind of kiss we would have, how long, tight lipped, how anything.  Now, I'm thinking back to The Wedding Singer when Drew Barrymore was describing the wedding kiss. Ours was sweet. We even had to hug each other.

I was surprised to see we actually had guests when the ceremony had ended!

Once we got to the reception in the fellowship hall, we noticed that my aunts had brought food.  We had planned on just cake and punch, but the food was nice....I think. We never got any.  We shared our cake and punch. No cake fight. We were civilized.

I remember my flower girl, Hannah, hanging out around the cake table. Her mom was worried to death about her.

I do regret that as we visited with our guests, our photographer rushed us along because she wanted to get pictures of us leaving before dark.  I crammed myself into my brother's Corvette.  I barely fit! We sped away, husband and wife, married. Finally!

That night, we went to spend the night at a nice hotel in Bowling Green.  We were starving.....we had Arby's!

My wedding day was very special.  I may be a little biased, but I think it was the best wedding ever!  I am very thankful for all of the people who helped make my wedding day perfect.  I am very thankful that God gave me the perfect man for me!

What about you? What was your wedding day like?  I would love to hear about it.  Join in here or at Wives of Faith!

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