Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wife to Wife Wednesday: First Year of Marriage

When Jeff and I got married, I was working as a full time nursery worker in a church.  By full time, I mean twice on Sunday, every Monday, and every Wednesday. Yeah, I was making big bucks!  I was also in the middle of my student teaching.  I think he was still working at a local outsourcing company sorting parts for local manufacturers.

The best.....

We had no home to call our own.

We were newlyweds living with his parents.  Trust me, it wasn't bad at all.  That was the first time we lived with his parents during a transition time.

A couple months after we were married, we got our first place, a duplex just outside the city limits.

During this first year of marriage, I interviewed for several teaching jobs. I had graduated in December and was blessed to interview for two jobs.  However, I didn't get either of those, but did get a position as a title 1 assistant in the school I did my student teaching in.  That summer I was hired at an elementary school in my hometown.

I'd have to say we had a lot of fun our first year of marriage.  We blew money we didn't have traveling to Gatlinburg and Florida, attending concerts, and buying things we did not need.

We were far from being a military family during out first year of marriage. We were far from being the people we are today.  However, I am thankful that God had better plans for us than we did!

Today, of course, is Wednesday. So I am joining my friends at Wives of Faith for their weekly link up called Wife to Wife Wednesdays. Would you like to join us?  You can link up with your own blog post over at Wives of Faith, or you can leave a comment there or here. 

Today's prompt:  What was your first year of marriage like?

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