Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wife to Wife Wednesdays: Military Worries

For those of you who know me, you know that I am not a worrier. Not too much anyway.  If I find myself worrying, I try my best to turn it over to God. 

However, with this lifestyle that we live, there are definite things that worry or bother me. 

The thing that comes to me immediately this week is the decision that is to be made by our family:

Do we go active duty?

Ten years ago, or like we say at home BK (before kids) or BC (before Colin), we would have jumped on it.  There probably wouldn't have been too much to hold us back. We were young(er). We had fewer responsibilities.  We really had nothing that tied us down except our jobs.

But now. 

Well, now,

I have 13 years teaching experience. I am almost halfway to my retirement (seriously, that just freaked me out). How will leaving my job, leaving the state affect my retirement?

There are the normal and friends....We live in our hometown. Our neighbors are Jeff' parents. My parents live a mile away. Our roots are here. As a reserve family, we have the blessing and convenience of living near our family and friends, those nearest to our hearts.

Then there is our church.  We love our church so much.  They are the people who shared the love of Christ with us and allowed themselves to be used by God to help mold us into the people we are right now. They have opened their hearts to us, encouraged us, loved us, and have supported us.

But the main thing, the main thing that is keeping us from jumping on this opportunity of a lifetime....well there are 3 actually
Our almost 11 year old (oohhh that hurt saying that!). He has so much going on for him here at home. Academic Team. STLP. Robotics. Family. Friends. Small town sports. Church. Starting middle school in the fall.

Our almost 7 year old. The homebody. He loves being home. He loves school. He is coming out of his shell. He is showing love in so many amazing ways.  He is looking forward to joining the same Robotics team Colin was on. He loves the opportunities Colin has had and wants to do those same things.

Our 3 year old. Buck Wild. He attends a wonderful Christian daycare. He loves his friends. He loves his church. He is becoming his own person. His personality is really showing.

I worry about my boys. 

As their mom, I mess up enough. I make mistakes with them every day.  So I find myself asking, "Should I even attempt to see how badly I can mess them up by uprooting them?" 


But hear me out. That is not the lifestyle we are used to. Like I said, BK, we would have jumped on this. We would have raised kids already living the active duty lifestyle.  But come on, we are used to one weekend a month, two weeks (ha!) out of the year, staying put where we are.  For us, it would be a major change.

My main worry is how will deciding to go active duty affect my children. 

Right now, that's where I am out. 

I fully trust God. I know that whatever we are supposed to do, He will guide us to that decision, and HE WILL PROVIDE FOR US. I know that. I believe that. But a mama can't help but worry about her babies. 

So, I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts? Did you have to make this decision with children involved or were your children "born into it?"  Are you at this point in your military life that you have to make this decision? 

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  1. AD moms are not hating you. We are jealous ;-) Uprooting children is a huge deal! It has taken the better part of this entire year to find a groove again after an unexpected PCS. Yanking the foundation out from under your lives is a serious undertaking and should be considered before implementing. We are only half way through a military career and we are done moving around. Not all churches are the same, it is very hard to get involved as a military family because you are either the 'new kid' or a relational risk. When you leave, your leaving could be painful for everyone.

    Consider the move to AD with caution and prayer. It is a big step and it means a lot of uncertainty and unknowns in your life. The only thing you can count on in AD is change ;-)

    1. Praying like crazy. Talking with my boys. Reading His Word. Listening to Him. :)


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