Saturday, March 02, 2013

This is not what I had planned

My Saturday has been planned out for weeks:

1. Get Colin to school by 7:30 for his Academic Team competition.

2. Drop little boys off at Paw Paw's house.

3. Arrive at competition by 11:30 so I can cheer on my son and school kids. I was so excited to be riding with a group of my favorite moms.  Adult conversation is highly needed these days!

4. Celebrate a win or lose.

Well, my Saturday ended up like this:

1. Up from 2 - 4 am with a sick toddler.

2. Rushing Colin out the door to ride to school with Ben.

3. Dropping one kid off at Paw Paw's house.

4. Driving to Bowling Green in the snow to get to the doctor's office.

5. Sending Paw Paw and Carson to the Academic Team competition.

6.  Finding out Carter has croup and an ear infection.

7. Getting text messages all after noon from Leslie and Lesley about the competition. Thanks, girls!

8. Waiting for word about awards.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken to miss Colin's Academic Team competition.  He seemed OK with it, but Mama cried after he left with Ben this morning.  

I am excited to report that Colin won 2nd place in the district in social studies!  Wooohooo!  I am also excited to report that LES placed 1st overall!!!!!  Our church crew was well represented:  Brooke and Ben placed in arts and humanities.  All the winners advance to the regional competition! 

I told Carter he was not allowed to be sick for regionals. He laughed in my face!


  1. Oh no! what a bummer.

    So excited for Colin! Great job!!

    I hope Carter feels better soon...and that no one else gets sick.

    1. Thanks, Nicole. He is on the mend. Buck Wild is his name!

  2. I hate days like this! What a bummer. Yes, no one is allowed to get sick for a least until mommy recovers ;-)

    Hey, I didn't know you guys were near KY! We were at Knox during seminary. So many memories of the tank museum that used to be there!!

    1. We loved the tank museum. Haven't been lately, but heard they had made some changes.


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