Friday, May 03, 2013

Catching Up

Yes, that was me that just posted about Carson's birthday....almost a month later.  Friend, I believe you and I have some catching up to do.

Colin went to his regional academic team competition.  He won fourth place in social studies. His team actually took first place.  It was a day of firsts. Colin was the first to place in social studies....ever....for the history of the team.  It was the first time that the team swept the podium in a category.  It was the first time the team had winners in each category they competed in.  It was the first time the team won first place without the quick recall team.  I am so proud of those students for their hard work.

At the end of March, I had the awesome privilege of chaperoning Colin's overnight STLP trip to Rupp Arena in Lexington. Colin participated in the Sumo Bot competition.  Although he didn't win, it was a great learning experience, and we had lots of fun. He competed in two rounds. It was brand new to us.  We spent lots of time in the pool and hanging out.  I was the only adult that braved a swimsuit in front of all those kids.  It was worth it. We had a blast!

That trip was a great start to our spring break.  I say that lightly.  It brought us to Easter which was celebrated quietly at home because Colin had Fifth's Disease. Regardless, we had a great time relaxing at home, watching some new movies and spending lots of time in our pajamas!

During the next two weeks, I had Fifth's Disease. Did you know that a 35 year old mama could get that? Neither did I.  It was NOT fun at all.  At one point, I seriously thought I was dying!  Fever of 101. Head to toe rash. Swelling. Joint tenderness (aka pain!).

For Valentine's Day, I got a great surprise. Roscoe from the Bowling Green Hot Rods visited my classroom and gave me tickets to the the Hot Rods season opener!  So, I got myself a date with a 10 year old, and Colin and I enjoyed our first baseball game of the season.

My boys and I have also enjoyed lots of outdoor time!

My students have the coolest teachers ever.  For our field trip, we took them to a Hot Rods game.  The Hot Rods organization provided us with lesson plans and a great experience.  So many of our students didn't know the Hot Rods were so close. It was a great experience for them. Mr. Neely taught the kids about the game while the other teachers taught Ms. Bourne.  I hung out on crowd control since we were so close to the field.  Our kids were able to get autographs, take part in activities on the field, and one lucky guy even got to throw the first pitch!

 And I couldn't resist getting a picture with Jared Sandberg. 
So, now we are into May. We've started our state assessment. Our family is on countdown in so many ways.  Can't wait to share that with you soon.  Spring has sprung and summer is knocking at the door. Bring it on!

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