Saturday, July 21, 2012

What I've Learned

1. I never found out what initially clogged my toilet, but the apple slices afterward really did help.

2. I am pretty good with a plunger.

3. My kids think it is funny to ride in Daddy's truck with Mama driving.

4. I have some really talented friends.

5. Kids act better at a friend's house than at home (according to other parents).

6. Never underestimate the power of chlildren on a mission.

7.  I can reprogram the universal remote.

8. Texting + tired = lots of backspacing

9. Be sure to put a space in "good night."

10. I don't envy those who live alongside tarantulas everyday in Texas.

11. Hunkering down in the hall with 3 kids when the lights go out during a storm is actually relaxing.

12.  3 Kids + homecooked meal + me - Daddy = bad idea.

13. 3 kids + fast food (or frozen food) + me - Daddy = better idea

14. 3 kids + any food + me + Daddy = best idea

15. Pancakes work great for breakfast and dinner.

16. Thanks to 3 pregnancies, I know when I need a break and some orange juice!

17. Chuck E. Cheese works wonders!

18. Coffee can be a good thing.

19. Laughing kids is the best medicine!

20. I am proud of my husband.

This two week education is courtesy the US Army! AT is over, my Chaplain is on his way home.  Ready for a weekend away. 

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