Monday, July 30, 2012

Its been a while....

....since I posted some items from my gratitude journal.  I'm sure if you've been reading, you've problably seen some of the things I've been thankful for lately.  Here's some....

~ covering a sleeping child ~

~ being reminded of my manners ~

~ gathering around the table for breakfast with family ~

~ quietly celebrating the 4th of July ~

~ a slow, steady rain ~

~ the boys helping with chores ~

~ a sleeping toddler's hand draped over his daddy's shoulder as he is carried to bed ~

~ being up before the sun ~

~ breakfast and good conversation in the car ~

~ hugs and kisses at the airport ~

~ a talkative Sunday School class ~

~ a young girl professing her faith in Jesus ~

~ those who volunteer for nursery duty ~

~ those who don't mind when you are late to get your kid from the nursery ~

~ the aroma of baking cakes ~

~ baking with 50 kids ~

~ shared scripture~
Romans 8:28 and 2Corinthians 2:15

~ 6 year olds smashing eggs instead of tapping them ~

~ Aunt Loretta to the rescue ~

~ good, clean Christian fun with grapes and silly faces ~

~ a Soldier's soul saved during AT ~

~ a learning opportunity for Jacob and Colin ~

~ knowing how to use a plunger ~

~ empty laundry baskets ~

~ watching loved ones reunite at the airport ~

~ reuniting with my Soldier after 2 weeks ~

~ a night alone with my husband ~

~ me time with hotel coffee, iPad, and National Lampoon's European Vacation ~

~ giving to a local organization ~

~ children clad in blue and orange Calvary t-shirts ~

~ Colin's first 10 years ~

~ how everything turns green again after a much needed rain ~

~ those who stand up for biblical values ~

~ drama free shopping with 3 boys ~

~ how he eyes my journal and purple pen, knowing he isn't supposed to have it ~

~ little boys who want to play with the big boys ~

~ the big boys who let them ~

~ the desire to do more for God ~

~ grown men who risk looking silly for the sake of kids ~

~ Leslie and her Bible Skills and Drills class ~

~ children learning God's Word ~

~ Are You Smarter than a Preacher? ~

You can link up with me and some other pretty amazing people at A Holy Experience.

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