Tuesday, July 24, 2012

By the numbers

15 - days until school starts back

1 - hours spent registering my kids for school today

3 - children that are not ready for school to start

1 - mama that is not ready for school to start

2 - weeks that Jeff was at AT in Texas

2 - nights spent at "our hotel" when he returned

3 - books waiting to be read and reviewed

0 - kids in our home playing soccer this year

5 - people in our home that are ok with it

2 - Soldiers that called me "Ma'am" at the airport

105 - the heat index at the moment

10 - age my oldest child is about to turn

2 - days until Colin's birthday

6 - people I have sent/received texts today

4 - people I have talked to on the phone

0 - people who care how many people I have communicated with today

3 -months overdue on oil change

75 - amount of a long lost check I found and cashed

2 - parents that are open to where God leads our family to do His will

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